Pooja Services

Meet Our Priests at Bellevue Hindu Temple:

Pt Gopal Datt Sharma


Pt Gopal Datt Sharma hails from Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India. He has done M.Phil (Sanskrit) and Degree in Aacharya from Himachal Pradesh University. He is renowned astrologer form North India with 25 years of experience in Astrological consultancy and guiding devotees in solving their day to day problems through Astrological Consultation.

Pt. Manoj Tripathi


Pt. Manoj Tripathi hails from Kashi (Benares) in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. He has obtained degree of “Acharya” from Sampoornanand Sanskrit Vishwavidyalay. He used to teach Darshan Shastra to PhD students. He has intense knowledge on spiritual speech of Adhyatma, Shree MadhBhagwat, Ramayan Puran and others hindu scriptures. He has served in different capacitities (President, Trustee & Acharya, Manager and Vyas) at various temples and related organizations in India. He is fluent in Sanskrit, and Hindi. If you are planning a visit to north India, please consult him for information to visit temples in Kashi, Varansi.

Pt. Haresh Shukla


Pt. Haresh Shukla hails from state of Gujarat, India and has been performing pooja services and rituals in USA since 2000. He has served at Ambaji Temple more than 30 years in India. He learned from Karmakand and Astrology from his father and hailing from a family of outstanding priests in India. He has deep knowledge on spiritual Bhajan & music. He is fluent in Gujarati, English, and Hindi and performs all types of pooja in and outside the temple.

Temple extends priest services to your home for various types of Poojas. To schedule a Pooja at your home, please call 425.636.4477 or 425.270.0174 to reserve a time slot for priest services. Our priest(s) will guide you on the list of items required for the Pooja.

List of Poojas

Annaprashana – $101 (Inside temple) or $101 (Outside temple)

Aayush Homam – $151 (Outside temple)

Astrology consultation – $51 (Inside temple) or $151 (Outside temple)

Bhumi Pooja (Ground-breaking ceremony) – $151 (Outside temple)

Chandi Homam – $151 (Outside temple)

Mundan (Hair Offering) – $101 (Inside temple) or $101 (Outside temple)

Shri Durga Homam –  $151 (Outside temple)

General Pooja – $101 (Inside temple) or $151 (Outside temple)

Grahapravesham (House Warming) – $201 (Outside temple)

Shri Lakshmi Pooja – $101 (Inside temple) or $151 (Outside temple)

Shri Lakshmi Kuber Pooja – $101 (Inside temple) or $151 (Outside temple)

Marriage (Vivah) – $751 (Inside temple) or $501 (Outside temple)

Nakshatra Shanti – $251 (Inside temple) or $251 (Outside temple)

Namakaran – $101 (Inside temple) or $151 (Outside temple)

Namakaran with Havan – $151 (Outside temple)

Navagraha Pooja – $101 (Inside temple) or $151 (Outside temple)

Engagement – $251 (Inside temple) or $151 (Outside temple)

Shiva Abhishekham / Pooja  – $101 (Inside temple) or $151 (Outside temple)

Satyanarayan Pooja – $101 (Inside temple) or $151 (Outside temple)

Seemantham (Baby Shower) – $101 (Inside temple) or $151 (Outside temple)

Vahan Pooja – $41

Vastu Shanti Pooja / Homam – $201 (Outside temple)

Vidyarambham – $101 (Inside temple) or $101 (Outside temple)

Your donations for pooja services help pay for monthly operating expenses of the temple that include food supplies, rent, utilities (electricity, internet, phone, water, gas and waste disposal etc.), insurance, taxes and salaries/ benefits for priests. Accruals (if any) are used by the volunteers for adding pooja services and further expansion of the cultural center and providing additional services.